Do you like your coffee with a fruity or caramel note? What’s your preferred roast? 

Does this sound a little complicated for just a cup of coffee? You’re not alone, a lot of people don’t really understand all the jargon that goes into Specialty Coffee, Third Wave, or Direct Trade. Honestly, it’s confusing to keep up with.  


So, what does Specialty Coffee even mean?  

Specialty Coffee describes the process of how it gets from the grower to your coffee cup. With Specialty Coffee, it all comes from one grower and isn’t mixed with other types of coffee, this ensures the quality in taste and unique flavor. Specialty coffee is also more beneficial to the environment than the coffee you get at the grocery store or Starbucks. Most specialty coffee is produced organically, meaning that it’s not covered in pesticides or anything else that could possibly be harmful to you or the environment.  


Coffee beans berries drying natural process coffee beans .

Additionally, since it’s organically grown, they don’t have to do a lot to the environment to produce it. Coffee plants naturally thrive in shaded areas and specialty coffee is grown in just that! Conventional coffee that you pick up at the grocery is genetically engineered to be able to grow in sunlight to be able to mass produce it. This sacrifices quality for quantity, and that’s something specialty coffee conform to. All of the coffee that Young Hustler Coffee carries is Specialty Coffee. Grown organically at small farms, and even award-winning farms that ensure only the best coffee will be freshly-roasted and served to you! 


Another really cool thing is that Specialty Coffee ensures is fair pay. The spike in quality assurance from a lot of coffee providers has cut out the middle man in a lot of transactions, this creates a fairer market that makes sure that the growers are not being exploited for their work. They receive appropriate payment for their services that we buy, creating a better market for the growers and the companies purchasing the coffee.  


Coffee beans process in Thailand

All the coffee that we offer at Young Hustler Coffee through our Single-Purchase or Subscription service is Specialty Coffee, and Direct Trade.We work directly with our farmers and work with one of the best and oldest coffee exporters. This allows us to deliver high quality, award winning beans, without the lofty price.

The farmers we get our coffee are environmentally conscious. One of our favorite farms is Finca Los Pinos in Nicaragua, which grows coffee in a Natural Reserve that is known for its high quality organic growing tactics, and has perfected over four generations. They keep track of the most up to date organic growing methods, incorporating them the best they can while ensuring that they’re producing high-quality single-origin organic coffee.  


Harvest arabica coffee berries on its branch.

Enjoy a Freshly-Roasted Cup of Specialty Coffee from Young Hustler Coffee. All of our coffee subscriptions include an Exclusive Motivational Quote by our Weekly Featured Entrepreneur and Free Shipping. 


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