Young Hustler Coffee delivers the best handpicked coffee from around the world, and with motivational messages by up-and-coming entrepreneurs, directly to your door.  This week’s featured entrepreneur is Athan Slotkin, owner of HotSauce.

For Athan Slotkin, creator of the app HotSauce, being a business person came as naturally as swimming.  He started several businesses while he was growing up, and even had class mates working for him when he started a tutoring business in middle school.  His passion for starting businesses followed him into adulthood, inspiring him to become the owner of a start-up business at an early age.

“Everyone around us is an entrepreneur in some way,’ Athan says.  “It’s exciting, as an entrepreneur, to see your vision for where your world has to go, and to see how you’ll get there.”

Athan has always been a problem solver, working to see what is successful and what isn’t.  And this pushes him to create better every time he fails, as he works to identify the problem and fix it.  He guarantees that everyone is going to fail in some way, it’s just part of every day living.  Having faced failure many times, he has developed a list of things young entrepreneurs, and especially first time entrepreneurs, should do.

“One, find something you’re passionate about before you start, because it’s going to take over your life. “Two, try to get an understanding of what you’re about to get into, so when you’re chasing what  you want to do, you can see if it’s real.”

“Three, when you fail, fail fast.  You’re going to do it, it happens.  Just figure out what went wrong, and work to get past it, so you can continue your progress.”

Using these tips, Athan has become an investor and advisor in five companies, as well as creating  a very successful app called HotSauce.  The app is designed to cater to every user’s values and specific tastes.  If the user is looking for a specific type of restaurant owned by women, African-Americans, or LGBT, they can find it with a couple of clicks.

“I grew up in a place that really supported these types of places,” he says.  “I had world cuisine around me, and the community encouraged this.  I wanted to create an experience like that for everyone, and that’s what HotSauce does.  It creates a list based on what the user is looking for in every aspect.”

For this young entrepreneur, success is subjective.   It’s based on his personal values.  He believes that you get to decide what success looks like for you, whether it is money, physical things, or an emotional state.  He enjoys having a support system around him, helping him through life, as well as having multiple projects to work on at the same time, as he is always working to solve a problem.

“Everyone is trying to problem solve,” he says.  “Even people in the corporate world, or people trying to change their field.  That’s what an entrepreneur is, someone that works to solve problems.  Somewhere, the definition got changed into an independent gun slinger, which can be a true description, but at heart it’s just someone trying to solve a problem.

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