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We order directly from the farm, creating a direct trade relationship between us and the farmer. We obtain a better tasting coffee and the grower is treated fairly. We order from multiple farms across Central America and love each of their coffees with their differences in taste and method of growing. We have two coffees from the country of Guatemala, and each grower is very different from the other. Here are some insights on the specialty coffee available on our online store.

Guatemala,  Farm Pena Blanca

Pena Blanca is run by Salvador Melger, who learned the way to grow the best coffee from his father. The farm is located in Palencia on the slopes of the Sierra da Las Minas mountains, which is a wonderful place to grow coffee because of the fertile soil and the climate. Each day he works to preserve the family culture of coffee growing for what it means to his family so he to can pass it on to someone just like his father did for him. The farm specializes in Bourbon, Pache, and Catual varieties to ensure the best quality coffee they can offer, even though these types don’t produce as much volume as other varieties. Coffee from this farm is special from the moment it starts to grow to when you brew it and pour it into your favorite mug.

Guatemala, Farm MiralValle

Located in San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango in Guatemala, MiralValle looks over a beautiful valley that takes your breath away. It was founded in 1968 by Benjamin Herberto Villatro Camey and passed on to Jorge Herberto Villatro Gomez, making the coffee 0f this farm a generational gift to us. Miral Valle is an award-winning farm, having won the Cup of Excellence award four years in a row! Their location makes it a bit tricky when it comes to growing coffee.  They have a beautiful view of the valley below, but due to their elevation and the colder climate, they are the last to finish harvesting. This slightly longer wait for their coffee is well worth it, as we get from them the best tasting Bourbon coffee that is available anywhere.

Looking for coffee roasters near Houston, contact us. We source, roast and ship any quantity. Another favorite farms to keep an eye for is Finca Los Pinos in Nicaragua, which grows coffee in a Natural Reserve that is known for its high quality organic growing tactics, and has perfected over four generations. They keep track of the most up to date organic growing methods, incorporating them the best they can while ensuring that they’re producing high-quality single-origin organic coffee.  

Young Hustler Coffee works hard to make sure that you’re getting the best specialty coffee beans! By working directly with these farms we ensure that our coffee is the best quality available. To receive this amazing coffee subscription along with a motivational message from our feature entrepreneur, subscribe to our coffee club today!

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